Iris | Perfume 15ml

Iris | Perfume 15ml

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Solinotes, Beyond Perfume: Breathe a whirlwind of positive vibes with Solinotes fragrance collection! A palette of fragrances composed from super-ingredients to take care of yourself and give an unexpected energy pick-me-up.

A Unique Scent Arounses your senses and emotions with Iris Blossom, an intense and powdery fragrance to get you off on the right footing. The fusion of mandarin and angelica notes highlights a heart of delicate powdery iris and violet facets. A hint of incense gives the fragrance just the right amount of mystery, shrouded in musk and heliotrope to contrast with the warmth of teak and preciousness of tonka bean.

• If you need to concentrate and be effective, use the moodboosting power of Iris: it’s balancing.

• Notes: Passion fruit and Almond; Jasmine and Tonka Bean; Vanilla and Sandalwood

Size: 15 ml, 0.5 oz

Perfect size for a purse or carry-on.

Made in France