Amande | Perfume 15ml

Amande | Perfume 15ml

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Amande (Almond)

Solinotes, Beyond Perfume: Breathe a whirlwind of positive vibes with Solinotes fragrance collection! A palette of fragrances composed from super-ingredients to take care of yourself and give an unexpected energy pick-me-up.

A Unique Scent A Floriental with notes of sweet almond, composed like a cloud. It’s comforting heart of Jasmine and Tonka Bean is sublimated by fresh notes of passion fruit and almond at the top. In the background, Vanilla and Sandalwood make the fragrance warm. •

When you need comfort, use the moodboosting power of Almond: Soothing. • Notes: Passion fruit and Almond; Jasmine and Tonka Bean; Vanilla and Sandalwood Size: 15 ml, 0.5 oz Perfect size for a purse or carry-on.

Made in France